• World War I Intelligence Officer Writes Apparent Client About Meeting In Copenhagen, Mentions Dangerous Voyage

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    JACOB MILLER KENYON (1870-1940) served with American military intelligence during World War I (1914-1917). Following his service, he retained a commission in the Officers Reserve Corps.  Kenyon was a lawyer in Washington, DC, and a former Commander of the Augustus P. Gardner Post of the American Legion, a member of the Military Service Legion, the Military Order of the Loyal Legion, Sons of the Revolution and Commander of the District of Columbia Chapter of the Military Order of the World War.  He died on October 2, 1940.  Source: The New York Times

    Offering a 3 pp, ALS, 5 ½ x 8 ¼, November 13, 1916, during World War I, on Hotel D’Angleterre (Copenhagen, Denmark) stationary, to Howard W. Bible at Hotel Central in The Hague.  Wonderful letter with detailed content  to Howard Bible, trying to determine a way for the two to meet, possibly eluding to intelligence work.

    “Three letters were received from you, but as in each, you suggested that you would telegraph me, I withheld response awaiting the telegram. Upon re-reading the third one, however, I thought perhaps, you were awaiting a wire from me, hence decided to telegraph you which I did about noon (although it could not be determined whether you were enroute for Berlin or the Hague – I guessed the latter) ...No bookings here before eighteenth those undesirable. Willing to await Dutch ship. Prefer no modifications before conference. Please remit fee and further expenses. Telegraph reply.

    “I have learned that there are accommodations on the ‘United ?’ sailing on the 18th, and possibly on the ? sailing from Christiana on the 19th. The first is undesirable and the second will probably be all taken before I can hear from you. By the telegram, I endeavored to tell you that I am ready and willing to now...tender my services to you on the return trip believing that there is much more danger in the return than in coming, although it occasions me some embarrassment to even appear to [discontinue] my services while I preferred to discuss the matter with you personally before there be any modification of our contract. Yet to show my good faith, I have decided to offer to await either the ‘Noordym’ or the ‘New Amsterdam’ for you, making this offer...you to pay all my expense and only 50% of the additional time charge...I do this merely to show my disposition to see you through the trip and to take no advantage of circumstances...

    “Please be so kind as to telegraph me after reading this letter so that I may either start for Rotterdam or, to secure accommodations back to service on the earliest desirable ship.

    “Through Count Widel and German officials, I have received the greatest courtesy...I am going back to the United States with greatly changed views and a determination to tell my countrymen, official and private, of this favorable change of views. Your prophecy is true...You said this would happen.

    “There seems yet doubt whether [Woodrow] Wilson or [Charles Evans] Hughes has been elected.  Last night, Captain Totten, who is here from Stockholm, told me that the Republicans intend to contest. I hope they will be successful...”

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