• Dallas Mayor, Congressman Heard Shots During JFK Assassination—Not Ready To Explore Experience

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    SIDNEY PIETZSCH was a long time Public Relations consultant and speechwriter for Earle Cabell, mayor of Dallas (1961-1964) and U.S. congressman (1965-1973).  Pietzsch along with Cabell were part of President Kennedy’s motorcade on November 22, 1963, the day of his assassination.


    Offering a one-page, TLS, July 3, 1973, on Pietzsch’s stationary regarding the assassination.  Writing to Jim Bishop, a writer for Ladies Home Journal, Pietzsch responds for Cabell.


    “...Available records will disclose that Mr. Cabell was (1) riding with his wife just two cars behind that in which rode the Kennedys and the Connollys and (2) recognized instantly the crack of the riffle that killed the President and wounded the Governor and (3) realized just as quickly the agony into which this tragic event would plunge a city in which he [Cabell] had been born and of which he was serving as Mayor.


    “I am certain no one wishes to recall the torrent of venom to which Dallas, the Cabells, and many other citizens equally distressed by the loss of a popular president were subjected at that time. Certainly not Mr. Cabell, then a prominent merchant and civil leader who plunged into the unfamiliar turmoil of national politics and who was elected to the U.S. Congress a year later in hopes of improving the public image of his beloved city.


    “While I personally believe that his story and that of his city is far more unusual than still another Ladies Home Journal parade of the Kennedy legend, I believe also that his memory may still be too tender for exploration – even now.”


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